Special Abilities

The Portable Social Tabletop Game

Previously, we gave an overview of the rules for the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge game and talked about the symbols and information included on the 24 character cards. Each of the characters also has a special ability that can be used when appropriate during the match to help ensure victory. These various abilities are represented by icons on the character cards and are described in the rules in detail. The number of times a special ability can be used during a match is indicated by the number next to the ability icon; if no number is indicated, the character’s ability functions continuously. To represent the various abilities, place one or more of the corresponding cardboard tokens in front of the characters during play and put a token aside every time you use the ability.

Let’s take a look at the special abilities of two groups of opponents from the first season of Sailor Moon Crystal: the Pretty Guardians and Dark Kingdom Generals.

Profile: Pretty Guardians Special Ability

The five Pretty Guardian characters (Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus) each possess the Planet Power special ability, which allows them to call upon their willpower once in each match only after you have re-rolled your die or dice from a Power or Skill Attack but before your opponent takes their next turn. Through sheer force of will, your Pretty Guardians character can take another turn immediately before your opponent has time to act (effectively, your opponent misses a turn and you take two in a row).

Profile: Dark Kingdom Generals Special Ability

The four generals of the Dark Kingdom (Jadeite, Zoisite, Nephrite, and Kunzite) can use their mystical powers to make a second alternate roll with any single die that was used in a Power or Skill Attack. After you have re-rolled all of the dice used in an attack as you normally would, you may decide that you do not like the new value showing on one die (for example, a roll of 2 on a d20) and wish to re-roll it. Each general can use the Dark Kingdom ability three times in each match. Any single attack die can be re-rolled, but each die must be re-rolled before your opponent takes their turn. You can even re-roll a die that you have just re-rolled, but it will use up one more of your three available times.

The Portable Social Tabletop Game

Detailed Example of Play

We have updated the downloadable rule book PDF to include a detailed combat example between Sailor Mercury and Kunzite. The example demonstrates the entire range of game events, including: starting rolls, Power Attacks, Skill Attacks, Reserve Dice, and the use of special abilities.

Are you ready to throw down in battle yourself? Pre-order your copy of Sailor Moon Dice Challenge today!


Dice Challenge Rules

The Portable Social Tabletop Game

Recently we talked about the anatomy of a character card so you’ll understand the game components of the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge. Today we’ll focus on explaining the rules of the game to you.


Each player selects one of the 24 included Sailor Moon Crystal series characters to play, which includes the Pretty Guardians, their allies, the Dark Kingdom villains, and the Black Moon clan. You and an opponent use your selected characters to battle each other in several rounds of combat. During the game, both of you are rolling dice and trying to use the numbers rolled to capture your opponent’s dice and gain points. The first person to win three rounds wins the game (best 3 out of 5).

Starting the Game

You and your opponent should each gather your character’s dice into a Starting Dice group and a Reserve Dice group. Then you both roll all of your characters’ respective Starting Dice, called a “starting roll”. Whoever rolled the single lowest number will go first. Let’s assume that's you. On your turn, you must make either a Power Attack or a Skill Attack with the dice if you can.

Power Attack

Use one of your dice to “capture” one of your opponent’s dice. The value showing on your die must be greater than or equal to the value showing on the die you capture. The sizes (number of sides) of the two dice is irrelevant — only the values shown on the dice matter. For example, if you roll a 2 on your d8, you can make a Power Attack against your opponent’s d20 if they had only rolled a 1 or 2. When you capture a die, you take it out of play and place it next to the game area in your victory pile. You must now re-roll the die that you used to capture your opponent’s die before ending your turn.

Skill Attack

You can alternatively use two or more of your dice to capture one single die from your opponent. In this different type of attack, the values showing on your dice must add up exactly to the value showing on the die you wish to capture from your opponent. Again, the sizes of the dice are irrelevant — only the values showing on the dice matter. For example, if you roll a 5 on your d8 and a 2 on your d10, you can use a Skill Attack to capture any single die from your opponent that shows a value of 7 (since 5+2=7). Take the captured die out of play, place it into your victory pile, and re-roll all of the dice you used in the Skill Attack to do the capturing.

Alternating Turns

After you have finished doing either a single Power Attack or a single Skill Attack, your turn is now over. It’s time for your opponent to take their game turn, though they now have one less die to use in a Power Attack or Skill Attack (since you just captured one of them). Then you and your opponent take turns going back and forth, capture dice and re-rolling until the end of the round.


You may not pass or forfeit your turn unless you cannot make either a Power Attack or a Skill Attack. In this instance, your opponent takes another turn. When your opponent re-rolls their dice after this new attack, check to see if you can take a turn now that your opponent’s dice values may have changed. If not, you must pass again.

End Game and Scoring

When you capture your opponent’s last die, or your opponent captures your last die, the round is over. Your score is calculated as follows: for each die you captured (they are in your victory pile), you receive points equal to the number of sides on the die. For example a captured 12-sided die in your victory pile is worth 12 points. You also receive points for each of your own dice that were not captured by your opponent, if any remain. The points awarded for uncaptured dice equal half the number of sides on the dice. For example, if your 10-sided die was not captured, you receive 5 points. Your opponent calculates their points in the same way. Values shown on the dice are not relevant; only the number of sides score points.
Compare your total number of points (the “score”) to your opponent’s point total. The person with the higher score wins the round and takes one victory token. If you and your opponent have a tied score, replay the round. Note that only the final point total counts, rather than the determination of which character still has Starting Dice remaining at the end of the round. The first player to win 3 out of 5 rounds — and thus has earned at least three victory tokens — wins the match! Don’t forget (as the previous article mentioned) that the player that lost a round gets to add one of their Reserve Dice to their Starting Dice pool before the next round begins.


For your convenience, we have uploaded a PDF of the pages from the game’s rulebook that includes everything from these two most recent blog posts. In the next article, we will talk about the special abilities that each character has that gives them distinct advantages during battles, so be sure to check back. And of course, be sure to pre-order your copy of Sailor Moon Dice Challenge today and get ready to battle this spring!


Anatomy of a Character Card

The Portable Social Tabletop Game

For those of you unfamiliar with the game mechanics of Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge, we thought we would deconstruct the elements of one of the character game cards for you. For this tutorial, let’s look at the Sailor Moon card.

Starting Dice

In the top right corner are four white numbers printed over red polyhedral dice shapes. These are Sailor Moon’s Starting Dice. Both the numbers and the shapes represent the types of dice (number of faces) that are in her Starting Dice pool. Sailor Moon has two 8-sided dice, one 10-sided die, and one 20-sided die. The names of these dice types are abbreviated to d8, d10, and d20 (or “dX”, where X is the number of sides). The variety of polyhedral dice used in the game include d1 (always a value of 1), d2 (like a coin; generates a value of either 1 or 2), d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20.

Smaller dice with fewer sides such as d4s and d6s typically reflect a character’s speed (like the athletic Sailor Venus) or special attacks that do not deliver much damage (like Sailor Mercury’s “Mercury Aqua Mist” attack). Larger dice such as d12s and d20s represent a character’s great strength (like the powerful Sailor Jupiter) or special attacks that deliver a lot of damage (like Sailor Moon’s “Moon Princess Halation”). Sailor Moon’s Starting Dice reflect that she is more powerful than she is fast, but is overall decently balanced. Starting Dice are the primary dice used in the game and are always the dice that the player rolls during the first round.

Reserve Dice

Below the Starting Dice are Sailor Moon’s Reserve Dice, represented as red text on yellow polyhedral dice shapes. Sailor Moon’s Reserve Dice are d6, d10, d12, and d20. You will always play the game with the Starting Dice but will only use some of the Reserve Dice under special circumstances. Whenever you lose a game round to your opponent (a match is best 3 out of 5 rounds), you may move any one of your character’s Reserve Dice into your Starting Dice group for the next round (the same rule applies to your opponent after they lose a round). When the next round begins, you will now have one extra die to use during play. This reassignment of Reserve Dice to Starting Dice applies to any round and once a Reserve Die is converted to a Starting Die, it remains in play as a Starting Die for every subsequent round until the match is over.

For example, you know that Sailor Moon’s Starting Dice in the first round are d8, d8, d10, and d20 (a total of four dice). If Sailor Moon loses the first round, you can choose one of her Reserve Dice (d6, d10, d12, or d20) to add to her Starting Dice. If you select the d20, Sailor Moon’s Starting Dice for the second round are now d8, d8, d10, d20, and d20 (a total of five dice). If Sailor Moon is having a bad day and also loses the second round, you can add another die from her remaining Reserve Dice (d6, d10, and d12) to her Starting Dice. If you select the d6 this time, Sailor Moon’s Starting Dice for the third round are d6, d8, d8, d10, d20, and d20 (a total of 6 dice).

Special Abilities

Each of the characters also has a special ability that can be used when appropriate during the match to help ensure victory. These various abilities are represented by icons in the bottom left of the character cards (accompanied with a brief name and description). The number of times a special ability can be used during a match is indicated by the number next to the ability icon; if no number is indicated, the character’s ability functions continuously.

Sailor Moon’s special ability, for example, is her Planet Power. This ability allows Sailor Moon to call upon her willpower once in each match to take another turn immediately before your opponent has time to act (effectively, your opponent misses a turn and you take two in a row).


Now that you understand the contents of the character cards, we will teach you the simple game mechanics in a future post … so stay tuned! If you haven’t pre-ordered the Sailor Moon Dice Challenge yet, be sure to visit our ordering page and secure a copy for yourself. (PS. Don’t forget that pre-ordering the game for a loved one makes a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day gift as well!)


SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL DICE CHALLENGE - The Portable Social Tabletop Game

The Portable Social Tabletop Game

If you read our previous article about the origins of Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge you’ll understand how the underlying Button Men game was originally designed as a portable and social game that was ideal for playing at game conventions and other gamer gatherings.

The problems with the original button design are two-fold. First, they are expensive to produce. In 2000, a set of two Sailor Moon Button Men buttons with rules (but no dice) sold for $6 USD. The entire set of 24 characters cost $72 … and you’d have to supply your own dice! Secondly, the limited space on buttons means they have fewer graphic design opportunities to look awesome.

To release the entire set of 24 characters in a single product, we knew the characters had to appear on cards instead of buttons. But you can’t pin a card to your shirt to show off at a convention like you could a button, so we needed to devise a solution to maintain the portable and social aspect of the game. We also needed to keep the cost in the much-more-reasonable "under-$40" range. The answer became clear to us after we attended some large conventions: lanyards and badge holders.

Lanyards are ubiquitous at anime, gaming, and other fandom conventions as a way to hold attendee badges. They are often produced and distributed for free by one of the convention sponsors as a way to advertise their business. You’ll also find printed lanyards of your favourite anime/media properties for sale in Hot Topic and other trendy brand-focused stores.

To maintain our game as a portable and social interactive game, and to give Sailor Moon Crystal fans a unique way to show off their love for the series, we include two awesome custom Sailor Moon Crystal lanyards in our Dice Challenge game. One lanyard features super-deformed versions of the Pretty Guardians while the other spotlights the Guardians’ transformation wands. These lanyards are available exclusively in Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge and cannot be purchase separately.

If you’re interested in advertising that you’re open to game challenges while attending an anime/game convention where other potential players may also be attending, you can wear one of the custom lanyards and attach a plastic card holder. Insert into the holder one of the six cute super-deformed challenge cards (that indicate you’re ready to play) facing out on one side and your character card of choice (from the 24 included in the game) facing out the other side. And of course, be sure to carry the eight (or so) polyhedral dice associated with your favourite character card in your pocket too.

Anytime you see a fellow convention attendee also wearing a Dice Challenge lanyard and game card holder, you can approach them and challenge them to a quick dice battle (that typically last only 5-10 minutes). It’s a great way to have fun meeting people, playing the game, and showing the world that you’re a Sailor Moon Crystal fan! This strategy is particularly valuable if the convention (or other game gathering) is running a Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge tournament that spans multiple hours or even days. The rulebook contains additional details about tournament structures.

One last suggestion: even if you don’t intend to play the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge game at a convention, you can always use the custom Sailor Moon Crystal lanyards to hold your convention badge instead of the lanyard (or even worse, string or metal chain!) that the convention provides. Your lanyard will stand out in the crowd and mark you as a refined Sailor Moon Crystal fan!

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order the Sailor Moon Dice Challenge today and have your lanyards and game ready to go for the spring/summer convention season!


Pre-Order Exclusives

Dice Challenge Pre-Order Bonuses

We are giving anyone who pre-orders the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge from our website some awesome FREE bonus gifts! It’s our way of saying thanks for placing your pre-order with us. These promotional bonuses are available exclusively from Dyskami Publishing with your purchase; they are not included inside the game and won’t be available for retail sale. Best of all, we are giving them to you for FREE! Your pre-order benefits include:

Sailor Pluto Promotional Character Card

All 24 characters in Dice Challenge are from the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal. Although Sailor Pluto is featured in season three of the series (along with the other outer planetary Guardians: Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn), she also makes several appearances and plays an important role in the second season. To acknowledge her special status, we created a character card for Sailor Pluto to be given away as a promotion for orders online from us and at conventions that we attend. The Sailor Pluto card is fully compatible with the rest of the Dice Challenge character set and her powerful Garnet Rod special ability makes her a formidable foe in a dice battle. The Garnet Rod ability is detailed on the back of her card, making the Sailor Pluto card a complete promotional package for Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge.

Pretty Guardians Promo Poster

To acknowledge the Sailor Moon Crystal fans who are stepping up to give our Dice Challenge game a try and to promote our newest game, we created a beautiful promotional poster that can be hung proudly in your bedroom, dorm, office, or hideaway. Like the Sailor Pluto card, the full-sized 36” x 24” poster will be shipped with your Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge pre-order. If you’re searching for a way to make other Sailor Moon Crystal fans jealous, pre-ordering Dice Challenge and getting a beautiful bonus poster for free will certainly accomplish your goal.

Early Shipping Access

Our pre-ordering customers deserve VIP treatment so we are giving you early access to Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge! Once copies of the game arrive in our warehouse, we are shipping all pre-ordered copies to customers first so you’ll receive it before the game is available for purchase in retail stores. We will also provide you with a variety of shipping options that include super-early access (expressed shipping from the factory!) and the option to skip shipping entirely to pick up your copy at one of the conventions we are planning to attend or from our operations base in Guelph, Ontario, Canada instead. Details concerning your early access shipping options and freight fees will be emailed to you when we have more details regarding the exact production and shipping timelines.

As you can see, we’ve made it easy for you to place your pre-order for Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge. With exclusive FREE bonus promotional items and early VIP access, we want to show you how much we appreciate your support!


Transformation of the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge

Origins of Sailor Moon Dice Challenge

We thought it might be of interest to gamers and Sailor Moon Crystal fans to talk about briefly the origins and history of our Dice Challenge game.

In 1999, James Ernest of Cheapass Games released an innovative abstract game called Button Men in which players simulated battles through dice roll-and-capture mechanics. Each product in the Button Men line featured two buttons with game stats and rules, but no dice were included. Why buttons? The genius behind James’s design created not just a simple tabletop game but a social game as well. Gamers would wear their favourite button at conventions, which served as a notification to other Button Men fans that they were looking to accept challenges and engage in dice battles with complete strangers. The buttons promoted the game actively and created a community of Button Men fans. James was awarded with the Origins Award for Best Abstract Board Game for his efforts.

Mark MacKinnon (Dyskami’s founder) was CEO of a tabletop RPG company called Guardians Of Order at that time and was enjoying great success with his Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book. Mark thought that a Sailor Moon expansion to Button Men would be a great product for both fans and gamers and approached James to co-design a set of Button Men compatible buttons (and also asked animation producer DIC Entertainment for another Sailor Moon game license) to produce it. In 2000, Guardians Of Order released the first 12 buttons of the game that was simply titled Sailor Moon Button Men, emphasising characters from the first season of the TV show. Two buttons - a heroine and a villain - were packaged in each set and six sets were produced. A year later, Mark and James co-designed a second set of six button pairs that focused on the second season of Sailor Moon. Guardians Of Order continued selling the twelve Sailor Moon Button Men sets until their licence with DIC came to a conclusion several years later.

Fast forward to 2013. After nearly a decade working outside the gaming industry, Mark founded Dyskami Publishing to re-enter the market and create and publish tabletop games. Eternally a Sailor Moon fan, Mark devised a business plan to reacquire a license to create Sailor Moon Crystal tabletop games. Mark thought it would be a great idea to relaunch Sailor Moon Button Men in a new product form as Dyskami’s first Sailor Moon Crystal offering. Details were still forming in his head, but Mark knew he had to reach out to Cheapass Games early to ensure James would permit a modified re-release of the game. To paraphrase their phone call:

Mark: Hi James, it’s been a long time since we talked!
James: It sure has, old friend. What’s up?
Mark: I’m publishing tabletop games now. If I can get a Sailor Moon Crystal license from Toei, I was thinking about reformatting and rereleasing Sailor Moon Crystal Button Men. Would you be OK with that?
James: Funny, I was recently thinking that Cheapass should relaunch our own Button Men game too.
Mark: Wow, coincidence! I don’t want to use buttons, though. I was thinking cards this time.
James: I was thinking cards too.
Mark: Cool! And instead of only two characters in a set, I want to release a single deck of dozens of characters at once.
James: Wow, that’s exactly what I was going to do.
Mark & James: Same!

Although it took a few years of communication and negotiation for Dyskami to acquire a Sailor Moon Crystal license from Toei, Mark and James knew that co-operatively relaunching their games close to each other would be great for gamers and fans. Mark rebalanced and tweaked the character stats and added both multi-player and tournament rules, but the new game would be substantially similar to his original 2000 release. Cheapass decided to keep the Button Men name since it ties in with the combative origins of mobster “button men”, but Mark though a separately branded game would be more streamlined and less confusing for Dyskami's release. Similar game, different name.

Thus, Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge was born.



Sailor Moon Crystal 10 Day Countdown

At last, Toei Animation has approved the content and quality of the prototypes and bonus rewards so we are proud to finally announce that pre-ordering opportunities for Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge launches on February 8th! OMG, that's just 8 days away!

As the first North American Sailor Moon Crystal tabletop game EVER, we're counting on your help to make our pre-order launch a success! Over the 10 day countdown, please help us spread the word to your friends and internet family by sharing our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts as we release highlights and news about the game. And of course we'll give you some amazing bonus Sailor Moon Crystal gifts when you place your pre-order, too, so check back on Feb 8th to show your support.

Once you have Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge in your hands later this spring, tabletop gaming will never be the same!



Sailor Moon Crystal Logo

As you know by now, we love Sailor Moon Crystal so much that we're creating a tabletop game line officially licensed by Toei Animation!

Our first game release, Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge, is a dynamic, energetic and portable battle game that will be available for pre-order in early 2018. The game is fully developed and approved by Toei and we are now working with a factory to print the game. We had a couple prototype copies made already, though ... so what are hardcore Sailor Moon Crystal fans to do with prototypes of an awesome game? Organize a tournament so others can enjoy the game before it's available for sale, of course!

You are invited to join us for a pre-release Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge Tournament!

Date/Time: Sunday December 3, 2017, 3 pm to 7 pm.
Location: The Boardroom: Guelph's Game Cafe (downtown Guelph at 99 Wyndham Street S, Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

This is a tournament - it's just like a themed party, but we're offering fabulous prizes! The winner of the tournament will get an amazing $75 Sailor Moon Prize Pack - four Sailor Moon Funko Pop! figures of the Outer Senshi (pictured above)! Additionally, everyone who defeats the game co-designer, Mark MacKinnon, will be entered into a draw to win awesome Sailor Moon Funko keychains!

But wait, there is more! Come dressed as your favourite Sailor Moon character and you'll get a free copy of the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge game upon its release!

Best of all, there's no entry fee! This is a promotional event to get the word out about this awesome game. We will take photographs of participants playing the game and capture video testimonials of your impressions and amazing costumes.

For more information on this pre-release tournament and to sign up to compete, visit our Facebook event page!



Sailor Moon Crystal Logo

Sometimes, plans aren't always executed as smoothly as anticipated. And sometimes, that kinda sucks.

When we announced to the world that we would be releasing a line of Sailor Moon Crystal tabletop games, we were SUPER EXCITED!!!!!! We believed that we could deliver the first game, Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge, in late summer. Unfortunately, getting the exact manufacturing specifications right to produce the highest-quality game for Sailor Moon fans and gamers alike took much more time than we expected. But we want it NAOW!

We thought we found the right factory partner in the fall (a little late, but not too bad) and were jumping for joy to move into production, but after reviewing several prototypes it was clear that we would not be satisfied with the final quality of the game. We were crushed. Here were were, holding a prototype of the first Sailor Moon Crystal tabletop game EVER in our hands and it just ... wasn't ... good ... enough. Not for us and certainly not for you.

We are extremely sorry for the delay. We know many of you have been waiting to grab your copy of the game and expected more from us. Though we were (and still are) disappointed, we know that a delayed high-quality game is much better than a rushed low-quality one. Consequently, we parted ways with the printer and began the search for a new factory partner. We excited to announce that we believe we have now found the right one and are working closely with the factory and Toei Animation's approval department to meet our high manufacturing standards.

With a new plan in place, we now anticipate that Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge will be ready to ship to customers and stores across Canada and America in spring 2018. So it's coming soon! The second game release, Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff, will follow shortly thereafter in mid-2018 if the stars and moon align as we expect.

Early in the new year once we are more confident with our manufacturing and shipping timeline, we will be posting information about our crowdfunding pre-order plans for Dice Challenge. We have some exciting things for Sailor Moon Crystal fans coming up, and we want to say thank you so very much for your continued support. Publishing Power - Make Up!



Sailor Moon Crystal Logo


GUELPH, ONTARIO — Dyskami Publishing Company announced today that it has entered into a North American licensing arrangement with Toei Animation Inc. to design and distribute a line of tabletop board games based on the popular Japanese animation series, Sailor Moon Crystal. Based on Naoko Takeuchi’s legendary manga series, Sailor Moon Crystal retells the story of Sailor Moon as she searches for her fellow Sailor Guardians and the Legendary Silver Crystal to stop the dark forces of Queen Beryl.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be producing a line of Sailor Moon Crystal board and dice games for fans of the series,” said Dyskami Publishing Company President, Mark MacKinnon. “Sailor Moon Crystal offers a dynamic range of iconic characters and rich storylines that makes it an ideal series for adaptation into tabletop games. Sailor Moon and her allies have spanned generations, capturing the hearts of both gamers and anime buffs since the early 1990s and we look forward to bringing them to the gaming table.”

Dyskami will first release Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge in late summer 2017, created by renowned designer, James Ernest of Cheapass Games, based on his Origins Award-winning Button Men game. Dice Challenge is an energetic dice battle game that’s quick to play, easy to teach, and highly portable for playing at anime/gaming conventions. Dyskami will debut its next release, the tile-passing-and-bluffing game Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff, later in the year with additional games following in 2018.

About Dyskami Publishing
Dyskami Publishing Company is a Canadian tabletop gaming company headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. They are dedicated to creating products for today's busy board gamers, both casual and hardcore, who may not have as much time for their hobby as before. The company’s tagline, “It’s About Time”, reflects their vision for an evolution in board gaming design and implementation. Dyskami publishes the board games lines Warband: Against the Darkness, Upon a Fable, and Worker Placement. For additional information, contact Dyskami Publishing Company at info@dyskami.ca or visit dyskami.ca.

About Toei Animation Inc.
Based in Los Angeles, Toei Animation Inc. manages the film distribution of Toei’s top properties, including all Dragon Ball series, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Saint Seiya, and many others to North America, Latin America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Toei Animation Los Angeles office further handles all categories of consumer product licensing based on its film and television brands within these territories. For more information, please visit www.toei-animation-usa.com.



Jeff Mackintosh has passed

Jeff Mackintosh Has Passed

It is with great sadness that we relay the news that our dear, dear friend and Art Director, Jeff Mackintosh, passed away last night (12:15 am on Saturday, September 24th) after his long and courageous battle with cancer. Jeff was an inspiration to everyone who knew him and a great all-around guy. We will miss him terribly.

Having the opportunity to work with Jeff again was one of the reasons we decided to found Dyskami Publishing. He handled the art direction and graphic production of Upon a Fable, Warband: Against the Darkness, and our upcoming Q2 2017 game that we haven't announced yet.

During his years working in the gaming industry with Guardians of Order, Jeff's work was received with much critical acclaim, earning him numerous industry accolades. During the 2001 Origins Awards, Jeff competed against himself when he received two nominations in the same category (Best RPG Graphic Design) for his work on Big Eyes, Small Mouth 2nd Edition and the Tench Muyo RPG. He was a gamer geek at heart and lived life with passion.

Jeff is survived by his parents, Dorothy and Ian, and his sister, Tracy.

We loved Jeff and will miss him terribly.

Below is the tribute we paid to him in Warband: Against the Darkness shortly after he announced his diagnosis in fall 2014.

Jeff Mackintosh Tribute
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